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VoteRunLead teamed up with LatinasRepresent in 2015 to call all Latinas to political life. Latinas in Leadership online series encourages Latinas to step into their political power, get involved in local and national politics, and learn the skills necessary to run for public office.

In 2014, LatinasRepresent released a report shining a spotlight on the abysmal number of Latinas in public office: of the country's more than 8,000 seats in state and national political office, only 109 are held by Latinas. 

Latinas in Leadership Online Series: 10 Workshops

#1 Vocalizing Your Ambition
The first step in stepping up is speaking out. Telling your friends and family about your ambitions or sharing your goals with peer and colleagues is a powerful tool to help you achieve your leadership potential. Listen to Colorado State Representative and Majority Leader Crisanta Duran, and find out how she realized her dream, became a powerful elected official and national role model.

#2 Mentoring and the Power of Your Network
The power of our networks make running for office more doable. You don't have to figure out the rules or navigate the politics all on your own. This session will help you identify key players in the community, make the most of mentoring relationship and tap the right people in your networks (or grow them) to pursue your ambitions.

#3 Power in Numbers: Create the Support System You Need to Run and Win
Support is all around you. Let's find it. This session helps you turn your social and professional networks into the support team you need as you run for office – whether it's a friend to babysit and colleague to help with the budget or your family as key volunteers. You will be surprised by the support and talent already available to you in your networks.

#4 Keepin' it Real: Difficult Conversations & Breaking Stereotypes
Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. Hear from Lucy Flores about how she tackled tough conversations with colleagues, created trust with new donors, or called out racism and sexism as she climbed the leadership ladder.

#5 Mighty Mujeres: Latinas Governing and Running for Higher Office
The small number of Latinas has not stopped a powerful group from having a big impact on their communities, Congress and constituents. Aimed at current elected officials or community leaders who are ready for more, this session will walk you through the difference between campaigning and governing and how to serve one position well while you seek another.

#6 Your Campaign Starts Today: Latinas in Leadership 2 Year Countdown
Jennifer Godinez walks you through a two year campaign plan. Although it's set to running in 2016, the tips and timeline can be applied anytime you want to get your campaign started!

#7 Latinas Represent: Research Revealed
We need more elected Latinas! 25,000,000 Latinas live in the United States. Of the 8,236 seats in state and national political office, only 109 are held by Latinas. This must change. Get the facts, understand the barriers, and learn about unique opportunities with Political Parity’s Marni Allen and Nadia Farjood and Carmen Orozco-Acosta from the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda.

#8 Latinas in Leadership Election Analysis What was our impact & how can we increase our power? 
Santa Clara University Professor Anna Sampaio, author of Latinas and Electoral Politics Expanding Participation and Power in State and National Elections, joins Rutgers University Professor Shauna Shames, an expert on race and gender in American politics, to breakdown 2014 election results. They cover the impact of Latino/a voters, discuss the outcomes of Latina candidates’ races, and chart implications for the future.

#10 Latinas in Leadership: I Was the One We Were Waiting For
This session brought us to tears – the good kind! Florida State Senator Anitere Flores and Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarippa are two dynamic leaders reshaping what it means to be a Latina in power. Learn from their experiences of being asked to run, the transition from community advocate to candidate, and hear how they balance personal life with political ambition.

Wise Latinas: 5 Inspiring Women

These fantastic Latina Leaders are here to motivate you!

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