Did you know that even though there are 25 million Latinas living in the United States and 8,236 open seats in state and national political office, only 109 are held by Latinas?

Are YOU the one that we’re waiting for?

Join us today, October 23rd at 2pm for our newest webinar, “I was the one we were waiting for,” to hear the story of two women’s journeys from community members to politicians. Then, learn about resources and trainings so you could start down the same path.  


In the webinar, we will be speaking with State Senator Anitere Floresand State Representative Jocasta Zamarippa about being asked to run for office and how they went from being community advocates to political representatives.

Recent research has shown that Latinas are the most underrepresented group in U.S. political leadership. In response, each of the events in our Latinas in Leadership series aims to empower Latina women to seek out opportunities to apply their talents and experiences to politics and policy. Women have a powerful role to play, and we want to help you find your way to leadership. The Latinas in Leadership online training series is offered in partnership with LatinasRepresent and will include additional webinars and trainings.

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Latinas in Leadership culminates in VoteRunLead’s National Go Runconference in Minnesota from November 21st-23rd. By attending our Go Run conference you can learn the skills and tools necessary to make changes in your community and in the political arena.

Sign up for Latinas in Leadership webinars at VoteRunLead.org. Webinars all begin at 2 pm and participation is free. Don’t forget to follow the Twitter conversation during the webinar at #LatinasRepresent and #LatinasLead. 

We look forward to having you join us!