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Run As You Are: A call to women to seek public office

Originally published by Erin Vilardi on  We are in a new political reality in America. Voters are done with “politics as usual” and have demonstrated an openness to new kinds of leadership. Everyday Americans are showing…

Redbook's November Issue features VoteRunLead!

VoteRunLead is featured in Redbook's November issue in a four-page spread featuring inspiring stories, powerful tips, and easy ways you can get involved right now!

A VoteRunLead member made history with Hillary

VoteRunLead was proud to be a part of breaking the glass ceiling, and even prouder of VRL alum, Na'ilah Amaru, who won the Hillary For America Contest and officially nominated Hillary Clinton to be the first female presidential nominee of a major party in the United States.

Fox News segment featuring Erin Vilardi, on Millennial voters

Erin Vilardi, Founder of VoteRunLead, talking about Millennial voters role in the presidential election.

SPOTLIGHT: Hello Beautiful speaks with VoteRunLead Founder & CEO – Erin Vilardi

VoteRunLead aims to give women the tools to break more women of color into what's still a male-dominated field. Here's how.

Because It’s 2015, I Demand More

Because it’s 2015, I can’t see these pictures and not act. Because it’s 2015, you can’t sit by anymore either.

How Does Your State Rank in the National Representation Index?

America is a nation founded on an ideal that all people are equal and have a stake in how our nation is governed. While we may not always succeed, ours is a history of pursuing this vision. It’s not enough that women and citizens of…

Meet Emily Kuhn: A Woman Revolutionizing the Way We Vote

Last November, Emily Kuhn was struck with a terrible epiphany: she was staring at a bunch of names she didn’t recognize. And worse, she had to select people from these names to represent her. Emily was looking at her ballot in a polling booth. In that moment, out of exasperation she thought, there must be a candidate app for this. There wasn’t. There is now, thanks to Emily.

Creative Disruption: Using Innovative Tech to Advance Latina Leaders in Politics

By Nadia Farjood and Erin Vilardi Latinas, despite being the country’s fastest-growing population, are the most underrepresented major group in American politics. Why? Because you can’t be what you can’t see. With a short supply of Latina role models and weak institutional support (think parties…