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Gender, Women and Democracy

How to engage the next generation of political activists? My Uncle Sib recruited me to be a neighborhood foot soldier for his favored candidates as soon as I entered kindergarten. You wanted campaign flyers, buttons, bumper stickers? I was your connection.

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How Does Your State Rank in the National Representation Index?

America is a nation founded on an ideal that all people are equal and have a stake in how our nation is governed. While we may not always succeed, ours is a history of pursuing this vision. It’s not enough that women and citizens of all races can vote – every American must also have equal access to lead and representation.

Who Leads Us is a project of Women Donors Network. Their goal is to provide the American people with a way to measure our progress toward a democracy where our leaders reflect the people they serve. The data you see presented on the above widget comes from a first-of-its-kind exploration of the race and gender composition of more than 42,000 American elected officials, conducted in the Summer of 2014. This data was analyzed in comparison to Census data, confirming that the face of America’s leadership bears little resemblance to our country’s population.

We’re strongest when our leadership reflects the full range of talent and lived experience that America has to offer. That’s why we’re working for change. Together with other advocates and funders, we are working to level the playing field for all who wish to represent their communities in elected office. Let’s build a democracy that reflects all of us.

Who Leads Us?

Meet Emily Kuhn: A Woman Revolutionizing the Way We Vote

Last November, Emily Kuhn was struck with a terrible epiphany: she was staring at a bunch of names she didn’t recognize. And worse, she had to select people from these names to represent her. Emily was looking at her ballot in a polling booth. In that moment, out of exasperation she thought, there must be a candidate app for this. There wasn’t.

There is now, thanks to Emily.

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