On June 18, 2016, VoteRunLead hosted a historic, day-long, women’s leadership conference featuring conversations with local leaders and workshops to help women claim their goals and share their ambitions. On the day of the event, #Dare2Lead was trending on Twitter. 

Meet the Speakers and Trainers that participated in Dare To Lead Missouri Here 

The DARE TO LEAD day at a glance:

  • The opening Truth or Daring session, a conversation with local women leaders that gave real talk about how they made their ambitions a reality.

  •  Networking with up to 100 leaders from their area, ready to help support their goals.

  • Leveling Up Your Leadership: A powerful, interactive training coupled with guided facilitation for you to claim your goals, share your ambitions and set a purpose. Women leaders, from elected officials to nonprofit professionals, were expert guides.

  • Live from NYC: Women Who Dare to Lead, notable leaders using their power for good.

  • Mapping Your Dream, Communicating Your Vision, Why Now + Why You, and more! Workshop options designed to challenge you and help you make progress toward your leadership goal.

  • Game-Changers Call to Action: 1000 women paid it forward by inviting others to join us and change the leadership game. VRL makes it easy for you to encourage three more women to vote, run and lead

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The play by play of DARE TO LEAD:

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