This coverage is a wonderful kick-start to our upcoming conference Dare to Lead 2016, A Historic, Multi-City Women’s Leadership Conference – rooted in diversity and driven by Technology.  This is a great opportunity for women to Map their Dreams toward Leadership…and joining 1,000+ women in six locations across the country as well as online!

That’s why it was wondeful to see our CEO, Erin Vilardi speaking to Hello Beautiful re: VRL’s mission and some of the gaps in political representation.

Women have the power to shape politics from the inside, but some have no idea where to begin. VoteRunLead hopes to point them in the right direction.

Even with female politicians like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Kamala Harris, politics has long been thought of as an Old Boys Club. The numbers back that up, highlighting an astonishing contrast.

“I saw the conversation really starting to happen around women’s leadership that was missing the political side. We’ve had a lot of social and economic gains as women,” said Erin Villardi, founder of VoteRunLead. “There was this rise in all of the other sectors, but in politics and in government we have been stuck at 20 percent women for so long.”

She asks, is there this gap between women’s political ambitions and their ambitions for everything else?’”

Erin’s organization aims to get more women into office through civic technology. Simply put, it’s a way of using technological capital (like social media) to do some good for your community. That goes beyond simply hitting like on a few posts and throwing in a hashtag here or there. VoteRunLead uses online courses, free online resources and email campaigns that connect potential candidates back to their communities.

VoteRunLead’s next event is the Dare to Lead conference that will be held on June 18. It’s an online and offline experience being held in a number of cities, including New York City, Atlanta, and St. Louis. Registration begins today, and you can click here to learn more.

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