VRL Live! is an online training series that promotes women’s participation in politics and supports women in their pursuit of elective office, appointed positions, and public service. The curriculum is based on real women’s experiences in political life and speaks to women at various stages of readiness. 

The sessions educate women on:

  • making the decision to run and building a civic resume
  • the responsibilities, rewards, and realities of holding public office
  • the skills needed to successfully run a campaign for an issue or an office
  • ​civic technologies that can help accelerate women’s representation
  • leadership skills, stories, and strategies that every woman can employ in her career

Run As You Are 2 – Part 3: Story, Power, & Persuasion

July 13, 2017

Why are you running, and why should people vote for you? What sets you apart from the other candidates? Learn how to tell your story and sell it to your voters by utilizing the skills you already have. Our three-part “Run As You Are” series is here to help you articulate your experience as expertise, demystify the campaign trail, identify roles for your current squad, expand your local network, and outline your path to political… Read more

Run As You Are 2 – Part 2: How to Create Your 2018 Finance Plan!

July 6, 2017

From fundraising to budgeting, your financial plan needs to be strong so you can use your time and resources effectively and efficiently. You already have everything you need to put together a strong plan, regardless of your financial background. Our three-part “Run As You Are” series is here to help prove to you that you CAN take on the challenge of running for office and putting together your campaign with the tools and skills you… Read more

Run As You Are 2 – Part 1: What Office Should I Run For?

June 19, 2017

There’s no one way to be a political leader and no set of rules defining who gets to aspire to leadership. You already have the experience, talent, and networks to achieve your political ambition.  In Part 1 of 3, “What Office Should I Run For?”, we’ll help you determine which office is best fit for you using the skills, traits, and background you already have. After you’ve viewed the session, do these things: 1) Fill… Read more

Run As You Are – Part 1: Why The Skills You Have Are Perfect For Political Office

April 6, 2017

In Part 1 of “Run As You Are”, we will learn from 3 women with non-traditional backgrounds who ran and won. You’ll leave knowing how your work experience, background, and life’s journey make you the right candidate for right now! We will run through a self-assessment so you can better understand the transferable skills you already possess and how to market them in this new political environment. Read more

This is How You Run For Office 3

February 13, 2017

This is how you run for office! In this web clinic we will be answering the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” of running for elected office. Read more

From Protester to Politician

February 3, 2017

Be inspired by VRL Alum, Rep. Jocasta Zamarripa and learn how she made her transition to power, how she keeps her connections to the activist community while in the legislature, and continues to break barriers as first Latina elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly. Then get next steps with Erin Vilardi. Read more

This is How You Run For Office 2

January 12, 2017

Ladies, this is how you run for office! In this web clinic we will be answering the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” of running for elected office. Read more

This is How You Run For Office

December 15, 2016

Ladies, this is how you run for office! In this web clinic we will be answering the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” of running for elected office. Read more

Level Up Your Leadership

December 9, 2016

At Dare to Lead in June, we challenged you. This is your next step! Learn how to channel your expertise and ambition to get what you want. Read more

Unraveling the Double Bind: Tips from the Campaign Trail

December 2, 2016

Likability and Respect are top of mind for women candidates. Watch here for the latest research on how to succeed on the campaign trail with Pro Tips for every woman leader with Barbara Lee Program Associate, Jenny Lau. Read more

Dollars & Sense: Campaign Budgeting for the Win

November 18, 2016

Wondering how much it costs to run? Learn valuable campaign budgeting skills and where to spend from St.Louis City Treasurer, Tishaura Jones & CO State Rep. Faith Winter. Read more

Finding the Power of Your Voice

October 27, 2016

Voted America’s Funniest Mom, Rubi Nicholas is going to show you how to use humor and find the power in your voice to win over any audience. Read more

Sexism in Politics

October 20, 2016

Listen to Freelance Journalist Jillian Richardson and CO Rep. Faith Winter as they shared and discussed their stories about sexism in politics, the media, and the workplace.  Read more

Women Run This House | VRL Replay

June 29, 2016

Women Run This House. How women running U.S. state houses work better together. Read more

Deciding to Run

Become a Media Maven | VRL Replay

June 8, 2016

Become a Media Maven: Tips & Tools for getting press, staying social, & having fun while doing it with Rina Shah Bharara. Read more

Deciding to Run: The 10 Things You Need to Know

May 24, 2016

Thinking about running for office? Faith Winter shared with us ten things to know before deciding to run. Read more

Real Story. Real Power.

May 6, 2016

Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew, shares tips on engaging others by understanding your narrative and identity to build your social capital. Read more

Plan the Work. Work the Plan: Campaigning 101

April 21, 2016

VRL co-founder Shannon Garrett leads us through each step of a strong Campaign Plan. Read more

Making History: Gay All The Way (to the Mayors Office)!

April 18, 2016

Mayor Jackie Biskupski continues to break the mold. A single mom with an adopted son, Utah’s first openly gay elected official, and now Salt Lake City’s second female mayor, Biskupski is a force-of-nature. She kicked off VRL Live with an inspiring discussion of her journey to the mayor’s office with #VRLnation! Read more

Real Talk: How to Fit Campaigning into My Crazy Life

November 16, 2015

Women have a lot of roles and responsibilities from taking care of family, building powerful careers, giving back to their community, and self-care. Being a candidate is another huge role to take on. Join us as we hear from real candidates talk about how they fit campaigning into their life. Read more

Champions of Change: Men as Allies

November 13, 2015

Hear from VoteRunLead male advisory board members who are working to advance women leaders across the country. Read more

Self Care & Leadership

November 9, 2015

Being in a position of leadership, running for office, and holding office takes so much out of you. You have to take care of yourself; body, mind, and spirit. That’s where self-care comes in. Building up a repertoire of reliable self-care habits can affect your quality of life both now and in the future. Read more

Holy sh*t, I won! Wait… of course I did!!

November 9, 2015

Learn stories of how three women went from sitting in a VRL training, to running, and winning! Read more

Power-Mapping: Cultivating Relationships to Reach Goals

November 4, 2015

Learn how to cultivate relationships, leverage mentors, and gain sponsors in the workshop and in civic life to reach your goals.  Read more

Building People Power for Women in Politics

November 2, 2015

Learn how to form your kitchen cabinet. Get tips on managing volunteers, hiring staff, and figuring out what you need to surround yourself by the right people. Learn what to do when you don’t have the right team around you, and how to best make those changes for your political goals a success. Read more

Women in Politics Self Assessment

October 27, 2015

Our democracy is stronger when there are a diversity of views at the table. Whether it’s local council or the state legislature, your unique viewpoint is needed. You are qualified! Learn why you are the right woman for the job and what you could bring to the table. Learn what district would be most open to your experti Read more

A Day In the Life: City Council Role and Responsibilities

October 27, 2015

Curious about City Council, but not really sure what to expect? We’ll walk you through the roles and responsibilities for a member of City Council to find out what the job is really like and how to impact your community by serving at the city level. You’ll hear from three amazing women who share their experiences runni Read more

Facts About the Office: School Politics at the State Level

October 15, 2015

If you are interested in creating educational opportunities for millions of young people and setting an agenda with smart guidelines for what gets taught to our children, then learn about School Politics at the State Level with women who are tackling these issues right now. Read more

How to Get Appointed and Stay Effective

October 12, 2015

Commissions and boards have a significant impact and are a great way to contribute your experience your expertise to your community. Come find out how to get appointed and what to expect once you get there. Read more


October 5, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter is the political movement of our time. From confronting Presidential candidates to the Ferguson Commission, learn what’s happening from women on the front lines. Read more

Dealing with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on the Campaign Trail

September 28, 2015

Running for office will give you some of the best and worst experiences of your life. Hear the good, the bad, and the ugly on the campaign trail and how to deal with the nasty mail piece, when someone says something mean, and much more. Read more

GOTV Planning: Turn it Up to Turn it Out!

September 21, 2015

Learn about the tools at your disposal to educate citizens on how to vote either by absentee ballot, early voting, or election day voting. Hear about different strategies to get your community motivated to register and of course show up to the polls on election day. Read more


September 16, 2015

Join us as Black women lead a conversation on The Status of Black Women in American Politics. Read more

My 1st Political Step: Volunteering on a Campaign

September 15, 2015

Volunteering on a campaign can give you new skills, build your network and you can gain new friends. This is a great first stop on creating your civic and political resume. Find out how to find a campaign to volunteer for and what to expect. Read more

How to Rock Your Political Debate

September 14, 2015

People vote for people they like and trust. Your debate and forum is one of the best opportunities you will have to introduce yourself to voters.Come learn how to inspire voters, tell great stories, and communicate your values in a debate or forum. Get the tools, tips and tricks you need to rock your debate. Read more

Vocalizing Your Ambition for Women Leaders

September 4, 2015

Goal setting is critical to nailing down what you want but, as women, we tend to keep those ambitions to ourselves or a select few. Letting others across the organization know your ambitions will make you more accountable, allow others to better support you, and accelerate your pace of success. Read more

Working with the Media

August 29, 2015

The media can be a great way to get your message out to voters but can also amplify any mistake you make. Learn how to get positive coverage, earn more media, and handle the tough questions. Read more

Ins & Outs of Local Government: County Commissioners

July 21, 2015

We’re taking a look at the role of County Commissioner and other county level offices. Our 3 presenters gave insights into what to expect when running for County Offices, how they are using the office to impact their community, and how to get involved at county level. Read more


RSVP Now | 5 July Women’s Leadership Trainings for You

July 1, 2015

Take time for yourself. Build your confidence, hone in on your goals and connect with women from around the country with four free July web clinics. Check out our all day Self-Care and Leadership training on July 25th in Minneapolis. Our first VRL eBook is coming out on July 21, demystifying what local offices do and giving you real-world advice from awesome women in local positions. But you must be a member to get the… Read more

Ins & Outs of Local Government: School Boards

June 30, 2015

Learn about the main responsibilities of a School Board, the different types, and the time commitments of this office. Read more

State Legislature: What Happens at the State Level?

June 25, 2015

Hear from female lawmakers about how they influence policy , engage with constituents and colleagues, and propose bills that change the lives of millions of people. Read more

VRL Live! Replay Webinar – Voting Reform: What you Need to Know

June 22, 2015

Learn from top experts on the front lines about cutting-edge ways to reinvent voting in your community and hear the latest about how and why folks aren’t voting in local elections – even though that’s where we engage most with government. Read more

Getting Your Message Out to Voters

June 10, 2015

As a woman running for office, it’s important that the message you’re sharing with the media and your community is powerful and resonates with the right audience. It’s vital that the conversations you create enable you to inform, educate, and connect with them. Learn how to craft your messaging platform. Read more

Get Ready to Run for Office in 2016

June 1, 2015

We want you on the ballot in 2016 and now is your time to start crafting your political campaign plan! Learn the steps you need to take now to get ready for your 2016 candidacy.  Read more

The Big 4: The Ins and Outs of Local Government

May 20, 2015

The 2nd most frequent question we get is about the elected office itself. Don’t worry, we got you covered with four new trainings that cover the ins and outs of local government. Read more

Latinas Who Are Governing and Campaigning for Higher Office

May 16, 2015

Aimed at current elected officials or community leaders who are ready for more, this session walks you through the difference between campaigning and governing and how to serve one position well, while you seek another. Read more

How to Host a Great House Party for Campaign Fundraising

May 13, 2015

VRL’s Training Coordinator and Colorado State Representative Faith Winter, knows how to throw a party — a fundraising house party! Learn the ins and outs of getting people in the door, hitting your fundraising goals, getting press, and creating community among your donors. Read more

Answering Tough Questions & Breaking Stereotypes (Overcoming -isms)

May 6, 2015

Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. Hear from former Nevada assemblywoman and former Lt. Governor candidate, Lucy Flores, about how she tackled tough conversations with colleagues, created trust with new donors, or called out racism and sexism in office and in her campaign. Read more

Latinas in Leadership: How to Create a Support Network When You Run

April 21, 2015

This web clinic will help walk you through how to turn your social and professional networks into support systems when you run for office. You’ll be surprised by the resources you already have! Read more

GOTV: Voter Registration & Mobilization with Ilhan Omar

April 13, 2015

GOTV stands for Getting Out The Vote for voter participation, and it is the very basis of our democracy. We want everyone’s voice heard and that begins by voting. We walk you through exactly how to execute a creative and strategic GOTV plan for your campaign. As a leader in your community, it’s your duty to find out how you can register new voters and inspire new people to the polls. It’s important to get people not… Read more

How to Run for Office: Mentoring & The Power of Your Network

April 10, 2015

Figuring out the rules of running for office can be daunting. Learn from our amazing partner, LatinasRepresent, and political strategist Joelle Martinez how to find a mentor and make the most of your mentoring relationship. Read more

Latinas in Leadership: Vocalizing Your Ambition

March 28, 2015

We know that our communities, states, and country will be stronger with your voice at the table. It can be intimidating, but we’re here to help you speak up and pursue your ambitions. Hear how Colorado State Representative and Majority Leader Crisanta Duran realized her dream and became an elected official. Read more

Using Technology to Connect with Congress

March 17, 2015

Marci Harris, Founder of POPVOX , a nonpartisan platform for civic engagement, shares her insights in the world of civic technology, where new tools are being created everyday to helping shape our democracy.   Read more

Plate to Politics: Changing the Food System

March 15, 2015

Sustainability in our food system is an issue at the local, national and international level. This guided web clinic will introduce you to three women who are making the food system more sustainable, and find out what they would do differently if they had it to do all over again! Read more

Your Stump Speech

March 3, 2015

Why are you running for office? You must know the answer! Learn how to write your stump speech, build your brand and convey your values to voters. Read more

VRL Nation Livestream

February 23, 2015

Do We Need an Equal Rights Amendment to Ensure Gender Equality? In celebration of Women’s History Month, explore the parallels between second-wave feminism and the Supreme Court cases of that time with constitutional law expert Cary Franklin, leading women’s history scholar Alice Kessler-Harris, and American legal history professor Serena Mayeri. Join us for the livestream of this important discussion on March 4th at 12 pm EST.  Read more

4 Tips for Being an Effective Leader

July 25, 2014

Catherine Emmanuelle, Eau Claire City Councilmember, Go Run alumnae and first Latina elected to the council, shares 4 great tips for running as your authentic self! Read more

A Century from Suffrage to Parity

July 25, 2014

VRL partner Representation2020 and VRL Chair Marie C. Wilson has outlined how structural changes shape who gets elected. Read more