It's another glorious Monday, and as usual the weekend has gone by a little too swiftly for our liking. Thankfully, we have a quick and inspirational video clip lined up to kick your week off right. We spent two full days interviewing elected officials and community organizers when we were at the State Capitol in Denver last month. One of these women was the impressive Colorado State Senator Beth Martinez Humenik. She shared so much with us including the importance of reaching across the isle, her proudest moments in office, and of course how proud she is to be serving her community. 

This Monday, she wants you to know that elected officials are just like you, they're just in a different role and acting on your behalf. It expends a lot of time and talents, but you'll enjoy it if you decide to run (and you should)!

Above all, she stresses how honored and privileged she feels every day to be able to server her district, and potentially the 5.3 million people in the state of Colorado when bills get passed out of both houses becomes a state law. 

What would you do if you were a State Senator?

Tell us in the comments! Do you plan on running any time soon?

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