And in less than 140 characters, Carly Fiorina has declared her ambition for the highest office in the land. Congratulations to the former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive and one-time senatorial candidate. Now, with two women in the race, we get that much closer to the potential reality of a qualified woman president. We look forward to the year where female presidential candidates are no longer the exception, but the rule.

How powerful are your tweets? Are you getting your declarations to the right people?Let us help you share your ambition loud and proud with our upcoming VRL Live Web Clinic:Getting Your Message Out To Voters on Thursday, June 4th. This clinic will help you send powerful messages to the right people, using traditional and new media, and tricks of the trade to make the most of your social presence.

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How to Host a Great House Party for Any Idea!
Thurs. May 7 at 2pm EST (1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST)
VRL’s Training Coordinator and Colorado State Representative Faith Winter, knows how to throw a party – a fundraising house party! Learn the ins and outs of getting people in the door, hitting your fundraising goals, getting press, and creating community among your donors.

Mighty Mujeres: Latinas Governing and Running for Higher Office
Latinas in Leadership Series with LatinasRepresent & Political Parity
Thurs. May 14 at 2pm EST (1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST)
The small number of Latinas in public office has not stopped a powerful group from having a big impact by serving in city government, Congress and constituents. Aimed at current elected officials or community leaders who are ready for more, this session will walk you through the difference between campaigning and governing and how to serve one position well, while you seek another.

A Day In the Life: City Council Role and Responsibilities
Facts about the Office
Thurs. May 21 at 2pm EST (1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST)
Thinking about running for city council? Come meet women making a difference everyday in their communities by serving. Find out what the job is really like and how you can impact your community by serving at the City level.

Get Ready to Run in 2016
Thurs. May 28 at 2pm EST (1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST)
We want you on the ballot in 2016! Make your 18 month plan! Now is your time. Learn the steps you need to take now to get ready for your 2016 candidacy.