Those of you who attended National Go Run 2014 in Minneapolis will remember Peggy Flanagan, our hilarious and wildly inspirational keynote speaker from the first night. If not, you’re in for a treat. Watch this quick video below to learn about how Peggy’s initial run for office had nothing to do with her.

“We don’t give ourselves enough credit. You are an expert in your own life, in your own story, and in your own experience.”

Peggy’s story begins when she decided it was time to for someone to represent families like hers on the school board —  there weren’t any Native Americans on the board.  As she puts in, “when I  first thought about running, I didn’t run for myself.” After searching for six months looking for the right person, the people in her community said she should be that representation and they asked her to run. So, she went for it (and you should, too).

There are people making decisions everyday on our behalf.  Our communities, our states, and our country would do a better job of representing us if the leadership was as diverse as we are. We need leadership that accurately reflects the entire community and that won’t happen if we don’t have women run and win. If you’re waiting to be asked, we’re asking you right now to run for office.

Peggy has taken her own advice more than once, and last week even announced that she is running for a seat in the Minnesota House!