Meet Kit Roupe. She's a Veteran and a State Representative of Colorado. She believes in you and your journey to political leadership. We need more women in politics! Why? At VoteRunLead, we know that women must become more involved in legislature because we're part of society. We vote, we pay taxes, we make decisions for our family and have purchasing power. We underestimate the similarity between balancing our personal lives with what happens in legislature. But when it comes down to it, it's not that different. It's all about understanding the jargon.

 When it comes to collaboration, women are proven to excel, especially in the political sphere. We need to change the game, and we start in our own states and our local communities to gain the confidence for people to put their money behind us. Gaining more seats in elected offices will change the country and where we're going!

I am a Veteran and I encourage women and other women Veterans to stand up for ourselves. 
-Kit Roupe, Colorado State Representative

I'm not a big speaker, but nothing is done if I'm quiet.

 "Nothing is done if I'm quiet." @kitroupe on the importance of women leaders. #MondayMotivation #VRLNation 

And in case one video of Representative Roupe wasn't enough, check out this brilliant, 44-second clip of her explaining why it's important to find your voice and speak up.