Angela-Williams-Video-StillFrameWhile she was running her own business, Angela Williams was approached to consider running for office about four years prior to winning her position in the Colorado House of Representatives. As a single mother who raised her son by herself since he was seven, she is dedicated to bringing the voice of others like her into the conversation. Having been a small business owner for 14 years, Angela had previously testified on bills at the capitol and began to understand how she could make a difference and be a voice for others like her, and through leadership training, realized that decisions are being made at a very high level that affects everyone. Motivated by the impact she was having by participating in civics, she ran for office and was elected during a time when there would be no African American women with a seat at the table. 

I decided to run because I wanted to be a voice for those who don’t have a voice.

One of the things we love about Angela’s leadership story is that she ran for office because she wanted to be a voice for those who don’t have one. Like so many of us, she recognizes the importance of having a governing body that is truly reflective of its people. She considers her time in office “critically important” to ensure there is a diverse voice with opportunity for everyone to be heard and represented.

But it doesn’t stop there for Angela! Among a myriad of other committees, she is a Co-Founder for the Colorado Black Democratic Legislative Caucus,  and, in her commitment to diversity, she works closely with the Latino Caucus to ensure that all of the voices in their communities are being heard.

It was important that we have a legislature that is reflective of the diversity here in Colorado.

I think our most favorite piece of Angela’s story is how she makes it her business to encourage and recruit other women to also run for office and be involved in policy.

Remember, if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

Watch Angela share her leadership story below:

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