Did you know that we turned one this month? As we look back on our first year since launch on September 10, 2014, we’re humbled by the outpouring of support from those like you who have become our community now known as VRL Nation. More than that, we are energized with a sense of purpose to continue delivering on the programs we have in place to fill the political pipeline with viable women leaders on our quest to achieve parity.

If you see this, that means you’re part of a nationwide movement that is 45,000 people strong who’ve had nearly 60,000 interactions with each other resulting in over 7 MILLION online impressions. Whoo!


Yes, we are proud of our work so far — but not satisfied! We have audacious goals for 2016 to offer even more training resources and have an even larger connected community of women and men who believe in our mission of diverse leadership.

Thank you for being part of this movement!