Amy Sewell

Amy Sewell is a writer/producer, best known for award-winning, audience-favorite feature documentary MAD HOT BALLROOM and most recently the documentary short, GOOD MUSLIM GIRLS.  She made her directorial debut with WHAT’S YOUR POINT, HONEY?, a documentary about young women and their future in political leadership, followed by BLINDSPOT, about two young blind people who bravely navigate New York City on a daily basis showing how the rest of the world doesn’t see them.  A published author, her books include THE MAD HOT ADVENTURES OF A DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER and SHE’S OUT THERE!  THE NEXT GENERATION OF PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. With over 30 years’ experience in multiple facets of business, management, publishing and media making, Amy’s current day job is on the team as Business Manager at Harmony Labs, an accelerator in the data science arena where the study of how media impacts society is front and center with a focus on making the world a better place. Other nonprofits where Amy has served in a professional capacity have been Women Make Movies (Operations Manager) and Urban Dove (Director of Communications and Development), a nonprofit geared to helping underserved inner-city youth fulfill their potential. She serves on the Advisory Board of Reel Works Teen Filmmaking and is a member of NWIFT, WGA-West and the IFP.  Amy has a BA from University of Michigan and a MBA from Schiller International University.  Painting, poker, sailing and backpacking, watching college sports with her partner and joyously witnessing her 20-year-old twin daughters soar joyously, and with great appreciation and gratitude, round out her “lucky” life.