The surge of women running for office is in the millions, and there is no sign of the momentum stopping.  

More than 1 in 4 (26 percent) of the women polled indicated that they have been motivated to run or politically engaged because of the election. That is potentially 18 million women with ambitions to run for office. Of the women considering running, half of them are interested in running by 2020.

A clear shift and a direct result of the election is that women don’t need political experience and value it less. Only 19 percent of women chose “years of political experience” when asked which top three traits are most important for an ideal political candidate.

It’s not just the resistance — women across the political spectrum are ready to run.

Nineteen percent of Democrats, 18 percent of Republicans, and 12 percent of Independents are now considering running for political office. Additionally, 25 percent of Trump voters said they were also considering running.