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Take time for yourself. Build your confidence, hone in on your goals and connect with women from around the country with four free July web clinics. Check out our all day Self-Care and Leadership training on July 25th in Minneapolis. Our first VRL eBook is coming out on July 21, demystifying what local offices do and giving you real-world advice from awesome women in local positions.
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​Upcoming July Web Clinics and Training Event

Values-based messaging and the power of stories

VRL Live! Web Clinic
Thursday, 7/2/15, 2:00pm EDT

Learn how to connect with voters from across your district of different backgrounds by using values based language. The best elected officials find common ground using values in order to move important issues forward. 

Work-Life Balance Panel: Fundraising and Salary

VRL Live! Web Clinic
Thursday, 7/9/15, 2:00pm EDT

Women always have a lot of balls in the air, especially women running for office. We need to balance leading in our careers, taking care of our families, leading in our communities and taking care of ourselves. Come hear from electeds and women in politics; find out what is means to them to "have it all" and maintain their sanity.

County Commissioners: What do they do?

Big 4: Ins and Outs of Local Gov’t Web Clinic
Thursday 7/16/15, 2:00pm EDT

A county commission (also known as a board of county commissioners) is a group of elected officials charged with administering the county government in some states of the United States. County commissions are usually made up of three or more individuals. We’ll unpack the duties of a county commission so you can decide if this elected position is right for you. 

Self Care & Leadership Training with Dr. LG Shanklin-Flowers

Cost: $49 
Minneapolis, MN, 7/25/15, 10:00am – 4:00pm EDT
Join VoteRunLead in Minneapolis for a day-long training with women who are passionate about creating positive change in their communities and have aspirations of stepping into leadership roles.Limited scholarships available!

Hiring Campaign Staff

VRL Live! Web Clinic
Thursday, 7/30/15, 2:00pm EDT

Behind every great candidate is a good team. Whether your campaign team is 2 or 200, we’ll walk you through how to grow a campaign staff, how to use volunteers and paid staff. Get tips on what vendors to use and what resources that party can offer you.