Partner with VoteRunLead


Here’s How!

  • Partner with VoteRunLead.
  • Advance Your Agenda.
  • Strengthen Your Leaders.

By working in partnership – at a level that works for your organization – Invitation Nation creates a “win-win”. Together, women leaders from your organization get access to political leadership resources, and our members are exposed to your organization’s expertise. We raise your organization’s visibility through your participation in online webinars and in our PR strategy. The best part: your constituents are offered leadership development training that builds their capacity as advocates for your cause and, ultimately, advances your mission.  And we all get more brilliant American women running for office at every level.

Here are three ways to partner with VoteRunLead. Keep scrolling for details!

  1. Sign on as a partner in Invitation Nation, launching this September, which will reach 5 million men and women who ask, tap, nudge and recruit women to run for office.
  2. Play a role in and sponsor women to attend National Go Run women’s political leadership training November 21-23, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  3. Be a part of – the only online platform to learn to run and lead – by conducting a webinar and suggesting great people from your network who should be featured experts.

Let’s Talk! Suggest other ways to work together. Ask questions.  Explore more options. 

Call Liz Johnson at 612-819-9898 or email Liz at

Invite a Nation of Women to Run for Office with a few easy clicks!

Invitation Nation is an unprecedented call for American women to run and lead. Using social, digital and traditional media, Invitation Nation combines the messages that motivate women to run with social networks and simple online tools. Invitation Nation will unlock a powerful avenue for recruitment and forever change how and when women enter politics. Join the historical campaign that will reach 5 million men and women who invite 500,000 women to run by 2016.

Logo Swap: We will place your logo prominently on our site and you post the Invitation Nation icon on your homepage, social networks, and/or on member pages.

  • Send 1 dedicated email to announce our partnership and get women “IN”: “<<NAME>> thinks you should run for office. Here’s how:”  This subject line has proven to have the highest open rate in past ask campaigns. Inside the email, announce your partnership with VoteRunLead and provide a link to  Tell them why you want your members running for office!
  • We will provide lots of sample text for you.
  • Give VRL an estimated number for how many women your group might reach.
  • From September to November, make lots of mentions via social media.
  • E-mail text, Twitter and Facebook posts will be crafted for you! Be creative and have fun! oEach partner organization will get a special shout out on VRL social media outlets. EX: “Are you IN? @<<your org>> is! Thank you for joining #InvitationNation and inviting a nation of women to run and lead!”
  • Be available for press opportunities that may arise. Want to highlight you and why your organization thinks it is important for women to run.
  • Design an Invitation Nation Meme or tool that highlights your issue, features your logo, and share it! It then lives forever in the Invitation Nation library for everyone to use.

Be a Part of the Largest Gathering of Political Women, November 21-23, 2014 at National Go Run in Minneapolis, MN.

National Go Run is a three-day conference that trains women to develop strong civic and political skills, increase confidence, and share best-practices. The goal is to demystify the political process and inspire a richly diverse group of women to lead a political life. Go Run provides the nuts and bolts of running for political office by focusing on communications, fundraising, and campaigning – skills women can use in their work up until they day they decide to run – and emphasizing gender opportunities and barriers unique to women.

  • Advertise via e-mail or social networks that National Go Run is taking place and encourage your network to attend.
  • Sponsor women from your organization by helping to cover their registration costs or travel. Talk to us about how we can provide a unique experience for your group.
  • Run a contest to encourage women leaders from your organization to attend Go Run.
  • Provide a great speech or training and be featured at National Go Run.
  • Suggest trainers, speakers and content from to be featured at National Go Run.

Get in front of thousands of women leaders with your mission and message on is the preeminent online platform for women’s civic and political leadership and fosters community and connectivity among women leaders at various stages of readiness. The platform moves women on a continuum from voters to leaders at a massive scale. By preparing them to run for office through our award-winning curriculum, exposure to experts and best practices from other organizations, we strengthen democracy and accelerate progress.

  • Provide and suggest content for the VRL platform and members, including your current products, tools, or research.
  • Share your organization and members’ stories.
  • Work with VRL to provide a webinar that builds leadership skills among the VRL members while raising visibility for your organization and issues. Host a “ask an expert” webinar.
  • Work with VRL to provide a webinar to your members that highlights women’s leadership as it relates to your community and issues and raises visibility of your women leaders.