The real untold story for women in politics right now is that we are seeing women of color all across the country come out in major numbers politically. It’s evidence that when we pay attention to women of color, and when women of color are part of the process, we consistently have messages that resonate with our total communities. We know how to mobilize and work with our communities to meet them where they’re at to help them understand how policies are impacting them negatively, or how policies can have positive impacts if they’re part of the process.

We will continue to see the arms of women of color grow stronger and as a direct result, women of color will be stronger. We will benefit politically because we will have communities that really are out in full force. And we will have policies that will better reflect the whole of our community. We’re not single-issue and should never be treated that way. People should realize that by bringing out more diversity — and doing it in a non-tokenized way — that we all benefit.