Run As You Are.
You’re Ready. We’ll prove it!

There’s no one way to be a political leader and no set of rules defining who gets to aspire to leadership. You already have the experience, talent, and networks to achieve your political ambition. Our 3 Part “Run As You Are” series is here to help you articulate your experience as expertise, demystify the campaign trail, identify roles for your current squad, expand your local network, and outline your path to political leadership.  Watch Below.

Part 1 – The Skills You Have are Perfect for Political Office

In Part 1 of “Run As You Are”, we will learn from 3 women with non-traditional backgrounds who ran and won. You’ll leave knowing how your work experience, background, and life’s journey make you the right candidate for right now! We will run through a self-assessment so you can better understand the transferable skills you already possess and how to market them in this new political environment.

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Part 2: The 90 Day Challenge

In this 90 minute web class, we challenge you to take 30 political actions in 90 days, accelerating the growth of your political networks and know-how. In Part 2 of our “Run As You Are” web series, you will map your next steps, make a real plan to get to know your political community, find the best office to run for, and get connected to thousands of other women also taking the Run As You Are challenge! Get the “Why Are You Running For Office” worksheet HERE. Don’t have time to watch the full session? Download our 30 Actions Fact Sheet and get the information you need to get started now!

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Part 3: Your 2 Year Campaign


In Part 3 of our 3 part “Run As You Are” Series you’ll learn exactly what goes into a campaign plan and have a clear idea of where to spend your time and money, whether you are 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years out from running. Using the 2018 State Legislature race as our guide, we will map an actionable timeline that you can use to build your more detailed plan.

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