Women are influencing elections in new ways.

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are influencing elections.

Women are showing their ownership over their bodies and their rights as American citizens through political action; 39 percent of women ranked women’s rights as one of the top three issues they are passionate about.

More women are encouraged to run for office than ever before.

Regardless of party affiliation, women are feeling empowered to run because they saw someone could win the highest office in the country without political experience; nearly 1 in 3 (29 percent) women who have considered running for office said the primary reason is that they saw someone without political experience could run for office and win.

Women are voting based on issues and candidate values (not gender), and this is not new.

All women find honesty to be the most important attribute in a political candidate; 66 percent of all women surveyed ranked honesty as one of the top three.

Women of color writ large; 78 percent voted in the last presidential election, and 86 percent of those women did not vote for Donald J. Trump.

Healthcare is the issue that matters most to women — whether they identify as Republican, Democrat, third-party or unaffiliated.

When positioned to choose their top three issues, healthcare was the most popular choice among women polled with 67 percent of women choosing it.