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VRLs 9 Tips for Calming Your Nerves


First, recognize that you have something important to say! Your audience is there because they are interested in hearing it. Focus your attention away from your own anxieties, and outwardly toward your message and your audience. Your nervousness will dissipate.

1. It’s Good to be Nervous. The butterflies in your stomach and the shaking of your hands and feet are caused by adrenaline—and your body is in fight or flight mode. This nervous energy is good because it will provide energy to your speech and it will keep it from being boring or flat. The key is to use this energy for good and for it not to take over your speech.

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 How Women Can Bring Your ‘A’ Game When Running for Political Office - Guided Webinar

Bring Your 'A' Game

Learn how to bring your political “A” game with VoteRunLead. This easy-to-follow presentation teaches you how to use your Authority, Ambition, Ability, Authenticity, and Action to run for office both locally and higher! Download your copy of this presentation.

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Campaign Plan Part 1 – Understand the Game


The Campaign Plan in Three PartsOk. So you’ve made the decision to run. You know what you want to run for.  Now it’s time to get serious. Here we go!!The Campaign Timeline will help you to think about the “big picture”. Lots of details will go into your plan, but...

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