All (Voting) Systems Go

VoteRunLead has partnered with FairVote and their latest initiative, Representation2020, to explore how voting systems affect who runs and who gets elected.

We agree – it’s time to look at voting systems and party rules as another lever of change to diversify our country’s leadership. And they’ve got ideas on what to do about it. Find the Election System Reform Ideas to Increase Women’s Representation. We especially like their tips for changing Party Rules to Increase the Recruitment of Female Candidates and Legislative Practices To Eliminate Gender Bias.

Come to National Go Run and meet Jeanne Massey and her team at FairVote MN. They are hosting a cohort at National Go Run and will provide strategies and share their first-hand experiences enacting Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis.

Become a member and find out more in the Community Action resource section.  Learn more at and watch the video of Marie Wilson talking about the need for systems change.

Together, we are connecting a network of women leaders that want to work on voting reforms, update voting procedures and shape party bylaws. Send us a note if this is something you are interested in.

Learn more about FairVoting here.