We believe in the power of women to change the world around us. In fact, we are counting on it. And today, we have the tools and technology to help us achieve our goals in ways never seen before. Our social networks put real power in our hands – the power to encourage, the power to learn and the power to connect – at a scale that can finally move the dial on women’s representation. Because of the democratizing role of technology, we no longer need the folks from on high to anoint us for leadership – we can nominate a friend or start a global petition right from our desks. We are living in a peer-to-peer economy where our social networks matter, which is why VoteRunLead is tapping them as a new and powerful recruitment tool that puts the future of American democracy into each of our hands.  That’s what excites me. We are challenging the nation to spend their peer social capital to get more women in office by asking three women in their lives to run. Together we can build the largest network of women leaders this country has ever seen.

We need each one of you not only to ask the talented women in your life to step up and take a leadership role in our democracy, but to share ideas, talents, suggestions and local strategies that have worked in your communities. The site is a work in progress: our goal is to crowd-source knowledge so we can be the largest network of resources for and by women. Next year, we are creating our own online community – an ecosystem of awesome women leaders who can find one another no matter where they live. For now, we’ve got a long way to go and want your feedback and contributions every step of the way.

We remain committed to continuing to train and work with women in-person, creating deep relationships and fostering experiences that last a lifetime. I know they did for me. It was the women of The White House Project whom I called upon to create the “2.0” version of VoteRunLead. And they answered with a wholehearted YES…just like so many of you have.

For over a decade I have worked in the field of women’s leadership, first as an intern at the White House Project, where Marie Wilson believed in my talent despite the fact I was 40 years her junior. In that time, an incredible group of women developed an award-winning curriculum that trained over 15,000 women for civic and political leadership. I am still on my own leadership journey…and I am so glad to be on this journey with you. Now as the Founder and Executive Director of VoteRunLead, I am determined to help other women find their leadership path, to accelerate women’s representation like never before and to do it with all of you.