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VoteRunLead is a national, nonpartisan organization that unleashes the power of women leaders in democracy through training, technology and community. We aim for large-scale impact on women’s community and political leadership never before seen in the United States. By harnessing social networks as a new and powerful recruitment tool, creating an online platform to learn to run and lead, and conducting in-person trainings that build powerful networks, VoteRunLead will fuel women’s ambition for civic leadership and close the knowledge gap around politics for women from all classes, cultures and colors.

What We Do

VoteRunLead aims to solve three key problems keeping female representation stagnating at 20% for the past 20+ years:

  • The low numbers of women with ambition for civic leadership.

  • The lack of easily accessible, culturally relevant and female-specific resources.

  • The longstanding systemic barriers to women’s participation including resources, and voting systems, and elections structures.

PROBLEM / SOLUTION: With 80% male – and overwhelmingly white – elected leaders, VoteRunLead’s strategy of combining tech with training is upsetting deep-seated institutional norms of who is viable, how we recruit women to lead, and how we develop diverse leaders. We know that technology alone will not solve the problem of women’s representation; but we posit that our social network-based recruitment tool and an open online information platform, coupled with our training and growing community, are the components of permanent, large-scale impact. By distributing civic education information at scale, we demystify electoral politics for all women, regardless of their economic background or political connections. Our growing national community is the final piece of the puzzle: individual women will fuel one another’s leadership and serve as advocates for increasing transparency in government and democracy, as well as becoming donors themselves. The impact is not just women’s voices in governance, but women holding real power and decision-making over the resources and welfare of our communities.

VoteRunLead co-founders have over 90 years of combined political experience and are gender and leadership experts. We have run for office and served as local leaders. Working together over the course of 10 years, we created VoteRunLead as the award-winning women’s political leadership training program of The White House Project where we trained over 15,000 women for civic and political leadership from 2004-2012. Individually, we have launched innovative programs for women’s political and civic leadership across the US and internationally.

OUR COMMUNITY: We have a national network with over 10k Facebook Followers ready to spread the word and our work has been featured in top women’s magazines, civic tech publications and public radio across USA. #VRLnation is a hyper-diverse community, including 60% women of color, 40% lower-income women, ⅔ under 35-years-old, women from rural and urban areas, small business owners and activists.

Our Programs

VoteRunLead.org The preeminent online platform for women’s civic and political leadership fostering community and connectivity among women leaders at various stages of readiness. Finally, at a massive scale, our online community will move women on a continuum from voters to leaders by preparing them to run for office and lead civically via award-winning curriculum and exposure to experts and best practices.

Invitation Nation is VRL's unprecedented call for American women to run and lead, leveraging 21st century technologies and the best practices of previous “ask” campaigns. Using social, digital and traditional media, Invitation Nation combines the messages that motivate women to run with social networks and simple online tools. Invitation Nation unlocks a powerful avenue for recruitment and will forever change how and when women enter politics.

VoteRunLead supports the aspirations of women

who want to transform our country and democracy through their participation as leaders.