Calling all women ready to run between now and 2020

On November 17, two hundred talented women from all 50 states
will help you become the powerful leader you know you are.
The 3-day national training is intense, inspirational and exactly what you’ll need to run and win.

Registration for #RunAsYouAre National Training is now open!

VoteRunLead’s 2017 Nationwide Training Tour

June 9-10 in New York, NY
June 11 in Detroit, MI
July 15-16 in Chicago, IL
July 17-18 in Washington, DC

July 20 in New York, NY
July 22 in Providence, RI
August 12-13 in Columbus, OH
September 23 in Manchester, NH
October 3 in Philadelphia, PA
November 17-19 in Minneapolis, MN

For the full schedule events, click HERE. Want to bring the RAYA tour to your community, click HERE. Can’t make the tour? Check out VRL’s 3 part online workshop HERE