2022 EOY Report

Women prevailed in 2022.

124 alumnae will be sitting in state legislatures across 26 states. Many of these women were challengers and non-incumbents, running in districts with no woman or person of color representing their constituents. Together, we helped ensure that our communities reach significant victories in bringing more women to decision-making tables. Tables where life-changing impact–policies that affect everyone–can be fully realized.

Among the impressive wins of 2022, Together, we helped ensure our community would have significant wins this year, including:

  • The first full year of our RUN/51 initiative to transform every state legislature in the country into women-led legislative bodies
  • Finally, the first three Black women to sit in the Minnesota State Senate in its 164-year history—all Vote Run Lead alums
  • An impressive 363 women ran for office, with a 68% win rate
  • The launch of State of My Democracy, a tool to understand the representation of women and women of color in your state house and senate
  • Six Vote Run Lead alums are headed to Congress.

Powerful Data to Fuel the Future

The new, interactive State of My Democracy website illustrates how women, and particularly women of color, are represented in each state legislature. Check out the tool to understand the representation of women in the state where you live.

363 alums ran for office

Reflective State Legislatures

RUN/51 helped hold the line in Georgia and New York on overall women’s representation, notably increasing the representation of women of color.

Minnesota gained overall, including women of color, to see 42.5% representation in the legislature.

The takeaway? We need a woman running for every statehouse seat. Because when we run, we win.

6 alums headed to Congress

Using Culture to Make Change

Our message of equity and equality must reach beyond the political sphere and into the everyday, so we popped up in your feed this year.

73% of women of color won their races

Meeting Women Where They Are

Alums told us they wanted campaign managers who reflect their lived experience—so we piloted three campaign manager trainings for a diverse group of women. Alums also told us they needed peers and responsive curriculum for questions that weren’t getting answered anywhere else—and The Rundown was born.

Official “Leadership Lab” launching in Women’s History Month 2023!

105 alums will be sitting in statehouses in 23 states

Digital Resources for a New Era

The Vote Run Lead Headquarters (#VRLHQ) website offers unprecedented access to smart, responsive content for women to run their campaigns, and win.

The site is launching in February 2023!