Vote Run Lead Values

We envision a country with women as the majority of office holders at every level of government, forging the reflective democracy we deserve. We aim to accelerate women’s political participation. Our goal is to dismantle obstacles to equal and equitable representation and place women’s experiences, perspectives, input, and expertise at the forefront of the democratic process to transform the lives of our families, communities, and our country. We strive to achieve and model the following values. We commit to creating a community that fosters these values, being in a constant state of learning, and having your back as you journey with us towards an equitable democracy.

Excellence & Care
Secure excellence for the communities we serve, and aspire to serve. Care deeply for ourselves and others. “Excellence results from caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.” — Ronnie Oldham

Treat all people with dignity and respect, work effectively with people from all backgrounds and create conditions for people from all backgrounds to thrive. Understand diverse points of view and demonstrate this understanding in work, leadership, and decision-making.

Personal & Community Agency
Creatively leverage all the tools and resources available to actively advocate for communities, and take prompt action to address issues and problems in a straightforward, honest way. Resist defensiveness and complacency, act independently, and make choices to best serve the community.

Intersectional & Feminist
Believe in the power of intersectional feminism and that women—especially women of color—should have equality and parity with men, with the knowledge that women are often better equipped, in many cases, to lead and represent communities of all genders. Recognize the lived experience of how policies and power in this country are not and have not been designed to uplift those who are not white cisgender men with wealth, and honor that those experiences allow women to be uniquely equipped to push for change that benefits the communities and identities of those who have been marginalized.

Examine, commit, and actively practice addressing personal biases and behaviors to avoid stereotypical responses. Identify and eradicate any racist policies, procedures, and behaviors when encountered, and actively listen to all community members. Collectively and individually drive change for racial justice to create a healthy, equitable, and inclusive democracy where Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and all people of color can thrive.

Commit to building a reflective democracy, where—at a minimum—those who live in our democracy see themselves in leadership at the same rate, in their city, county, state, or country level. Leverage all available resources—including deep structural change—to achieve reflective and equitable gender parity in this lifetime and with urgency, because our communities can no longer wait for real, systemic change.