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Vote Run Lead, the most diverse candidate training program for women, works to train women to run for office, and win. We put women who are unafraid to change the system out front and are giving you the tools to lead without compromise.

Vote Run Lead has trained women from all walks of life to build a more sustainable and reflective democracy. Founded in 2014, our organization has trained more than 55,000 women and launched groundbreaking programs to support their political careers. Over 60% of the candidate’s Vote Run Lead has trained have been women of color.


Ready to start your run for office? Vote Run Lead is here to give you the rundown on building a winning campaign. RUN/51 is a sure-fire strategy to transform every state legislature in the country into women-led majorities.


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How Reflective Is Your State Legislature?

Women are dynamic leaders, but do you have female representatives in your state senate and house?

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100+ Resources for Candidates and Campaign Managers

VRLHQ is a community of game-changing women learning to run for office and win. #GetIn.

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At Current Rates, What Will It Take?

How long will it take for women in your state to reach the majority?

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